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Well, I currently use a RG350+Cube30X and a Pod 2.0 and it serves me right, but as every other guitarrist, I want a better sound...

I will make a 1 year exp this October 24, so I guess that I already know what type of sound I want...
The Spider Valve 212 has a crapload of presets and effects, but I came to sense that the only effects that I really use are:

sometimes a bit of compressor.

A bit of chorus when I play some clean stuff.

The Valve King 212 "only" has "built in" Reverb, so I thought that It would be a good idea to get a Delay pedal, and I saw the Boss DD3.

The ValveKing 212 on DV247 costs 380€ and the DD3 costs 100€

the Spider Valve costs 500€

I Live in a small city with a tiny music store, and I searched for this amps there, and I didnt found them, the only opinion that I really have is based on youtube clips...

So what would be a better choice?

Valve King 212+Pedals

Spider Valve

Thank you for your answers :D

(for practice purposes the Cube30X on the Clean channel + Pod 2.0, serve me right, but the sound isnt as defined as a kick ass amp)

sorry for my poor grammar, I am Portuguese, and English isnt my 1st language.
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