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new amp

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im going to sell my amp and get a new 50-120 watt combo, solid state or a cheaper tube amp. can anbody recomend anything?i am into vai, satch, dream theater etc.
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Dont get a Line6, get a REAL amp!

If you need a great tube amp for less than $300, look for:

1. Carvin X-100B
2. Laney AOR Pro Tube Lead
3. Peavey Ultra
Try a used Peavey XXX 1x12, 40 watt combo. It's a baby XXX without the 3 channel EQ and the 4 6L6 power tubes. You can probably find a decent one for around $500, give or take.

If you're looking for a more traditional tone, try a Classic 30.

(Yeah, I know, I just can't help liking some Peaveys - especially the JSX, XXX & the Classic series.)
Gex said:
Dont get a Line6, get a REAL amp!
That's just plain funny.
i was gonna recommend the classic 30 as well.. it's a great little amp. also f you can find a pevay ultra. go for that... i played one a long time ago and thought it was cool.. i was stuck on crate then though. (don't ask why.. i was an amatuer..
i am into vai, joe satriani, dream theater etc
the peavey xxl is pertty cool. I got one and like it quite a bit , if you'd like i would send you a sound clip or two. Just give me your e-mail address and i will send you an email with a clip attacted.

you may want to check out a vox adv 30 watt combo, they are nice amps if you are looking for a modeling amp.

laney aor s are a maybe, i have enver played one so can't comment.
Gex said:
Dont get a Line6, get a REAL amp!

If you need a great tube amp for less than $300, look for:

1. Carvin X-100B
2. Laney AOR Pro Tube Lead
3. Peavey Ultra
i looked on all those websites and couldnt find any of those amps... i guess they're discontiuned... also i looked on e bay and found the peavey and the laney but they were heads.. im looking for a combo
I think peavey is making awesome combos for the price, check out the transtube series, very versatile, and extremely affordable...I used one of those with my jackson and my Boss MT-2, nothing else , awesome tone, very ballsy and articulated without equalizing for hours.
I've had bad experience with the Line 6 products , they try so hard to offer 1'000.000 features in one package, which is cool sometimes (Very few times), but they forget about quality. And more important, if you use distortion a lot, Line 6 sucks at this, BIG TIME!!!

And the good thing about the price, is that you can save up some money to buy a new speaker ... For me, Celestion is the best! specially the Vintage 30s, and they are fairly priced, you know you are getting high end speakers which will improve your sound tone a lot!!!

Good Luck!
2 cents: fender hot rod deville 4x10" 60W
^^ Or a 2x12 even. Those are pretty nice amps! A little more bite to them than your vintage Fenders too!

I just want one of the 1x12 Blues Jr amps. Those things sound amazing!
I have heard if your going for a cheap tube amp get a crate v series they are said to be of better sound and quality than the fender and peavey products at the moment and if you go solid state try Hughes and Kettner they are awsome in my opinion
i was thinking of not bothering with the solid state or cheap tube combo and just save a bit more to get a good tube combo like carvin legacy or peavey jsx. what do u think?
I'm a big fan of the Peavey Delta Blues combo.
If you are talking about getting it for your main amp though, then I would do like your saying and forget about a cheap combo and spend a little more to get something you will like.
AlexBLA said:
carvin legacy or peavey jsx.
You and everyone else on this board. ;)

A decent tube amp is definitely worth the investment, IMO. one thought on wattage - odds are, you'll want something pretty low. 30 watts is about ideal for a good combo, IMO. This is the first mistake everyone makes when they buy their first "good" tube amp, thinking that you need 100 watts simply because you needed close to that for gigging volume with solid state. Tube amps are LOUD. I'm currently playing a Mesa Nomad-45 2x12, and honestly I wish it had a half-power switch. I rarely turn it up past 2-3, and when gigging with it have never had to bring the volume up even as high as halfway. Lower wattage compresses more and gives you a rounder, spongier response - imo, a VERY good thing, and the entire point of going tube in the first place. ;) 100 or more watts is complete overkill for anything smaller than a stadium.

Good small tube combos -

Mesa Nomad-45
Mesa Lone Star Special
Marshall DSL 401
Peavey Classic 30
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 30
Fender Blues Jr.

Laney makes some pretty good stuff too, but I'm not familiar enough to recommend anything by name.

Also keep your eyes out for more exotic stuff - Bogner makes a few small combos, and I gave a Soldano 1x12 a try once that was quite good, especially for the money (no idea what model, but they were looking about $800, and it was covered in purple tolex, if anyone is good with soldanos... Not surprisingly, great marshally leads. ;))

Tubes aren't the ONLY way to go, of course - generally I've been pretty underwhelmed by most modelers, but I've always been impressed by Tech-21's stuff. Course, I also don't think it's fair to call them "modelling" amps, and honestly this is part of the reason why I've been impressed by them, I'd imagine.
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if you want the best save up and get a peavey xxx or jsx, maybe a mesa but i would personally go with the xxx. It has a bit more gain than the jsx and is a bit cheaper.

If you do get an xxx i doubt you will be disapointed though personal prefferances differe greatly from one person to the next, the only way to know is to try. :D
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