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New AZ2402 Finishes

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Anyone know when the AZ2402 in Seafoam Green, White, and Pink will start selling in the US?
I'm really digging the AZ242 but I'm thinking I want to go Prestige; and that SFG one is gorgeous!
Probably won't buy until next year though. And even then if some gorram crisis doesn't suck up all my extra cash! :p
See official site link for finishes.

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That pink is nice too. I wish they had made it like the prototype with white pickups and knobs.
TBH it would be more of a toss up for me if the pink had white pickups and knobs. But SFG would probably still win.
On a side note, I took the AZ242 Premium in to a tech for the neck issue that has been bugging me. Turns out my eyes suck and there's am ever so slight hump. He sorted it out and now I can't put it down.
Of course, when I'm not playing the RG521. :D
I'm seriously considering selling all my other guitars.... okay maybe not the FRM150.... or the RG921 (I need a fixed AANJ RG).... definitely not the RG20th. Okay, I'm not selling anything!
Those two guitars get nearly all of my playing time now. I'd like to see what a Prestige AZ is like to own. But I also hear some of the Prestige AZ's get hump too. I'd think the STECH treatment would be more thorough in general, no?
I was seriously skeptical on the AZ bridge but tuning stability has been top notch.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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