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New AZ2402 Finishes

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Anyone know when the AZ2402 in Seafoam Green, White, and Pink will start selling in the US?
I'm really digging the AZ242 but I'm thinking I want to go Prestige; and that SFG one is gorgeous!
Probably won't buy until next year though. And even then if some gorram crisis doesn't suck up all my extra cash! :p
See official site link for finishes.

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I like the pearl white flat!

Best of all is that they've got FIVE different finishes on the same guitar, which is how Ibanez used to run RGs back in the late 80s early 90s. I'm really pleased that these are doing well enough to warrant the number of finishes that are offered!

I still don't like the trem, but I like the finishes :)
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