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Is 1100 a fair price?

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New Deal ON Jem 7BL with upgrades

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Item for sale: IT is a 2003 JEM 7VBL

Description & Condition:This guitar is stock other than the pick guard being painted. I do not like white on a guitar you might. The coat that is on the pickups comes off and I can remove it for you. I will re install the evo single coil and take out the Seymour Duncan. It comes with a almost mint UV1000 case that the plastic on the lock is not even off of it yet. All case hang tags books tools ext is included. Rosewood fretboard in killer condition the guitar was new when I purchaced it.

Asking Price: 1100.00

My Location:Rhode Island

Terms of Sale/Purchase:Email [email protected] for terms

Other Information:I am motivated to sell this guitar. I will ship overseas. However this guitar is a great guitar I will not give it away I am already taking a loss for 1100
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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