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This will be a free for all throw your hat in topic so I'll give you all a quick something to chew on.
I've been using a ibanez rg350dx for some time now with a edge 3 and I'm that sick of it I want to buy a new guitar which I can treat like my precious.
Now the edge 3 just **** me off mainly because the string inserts are flimsy and easily break when you apply a little pressure locking the string.
I'm not heavy handed and used locking trems for some time but the real issue is you cannot get spares from anywhere except maybe ibanezrules, but even then its started having very bad tuning issues.
Eventually I might get a edge pro on it but even then I'm looking at £150-£200.

Now for the fun part...
After the new year I'm looking around the £600-£1000 for a new guitar.
In the rg350 I have got dimarzio paf pro and Fred and I also have a tone zone in a drawer so any guitar needing a pup upgrade can be sorted.

Now I have looked at,
Ibanez rg920qmz
Ibanez jem555
Ibanez jem 70v
Ibanez js24p
Prs se custom 24 (I looked at this because of the heartache of the edge 3)

Does the edge pro not require any insert replacements and can you use fender inserts in the edge?
Sounds daft but its really got me concerned specially with the lack of parts for the edge 3.

Well sorry this is so long but I'm sure you will all have some suggestions and many thanks in advance.
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