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Here are the two latest additions to my collection. On the left, a 1996 Ibanez Talman TC820WN. Alder body with walnut veneer top, Kent Armstrong Pick Ups. On the right, a 1997 Ibanez RG548NTL (ash body) in as new condition. :)
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MMMMMM....that natural grain RG is just TOOO SEXY;)
i think i just wet myself, that RG is SUPER tasty
BS, put a DiMarzio Blue Velvet Single Coil in your Ash body RG.... and watch it come alive!! ;)
IbanezNorthwest said:
BS, put a DiMarzio Blue Velvet Single Coil in your Ash body RG.... and watch it come alive!! ;)
Ok will do, cheers.....I'm replacing the pickups soon anyway, so I'll give the blue velvet a try ;)
Good Lad!! TZ-BV-AN is a great combo in Ash RGs... positions 2 and 4 are magic!! ;)
A mate of mine from Wigan is a DiMarzio dealer and a certed Ibby repairer if I remember... can hook you up if you like... although you may already know him!!
BaStard Boy You have too many guitars, give some to me :D

Nice! I have some Kent Armstrong pups in my Patrick Eggle, they're very nice.

That RG is screaming for an original bad horsie makeover ;)
I almost got a RG548 when the deal was round the seller called me and just said he didn't want to sell it anymore...:( i'm still bummed about it...

But tomorrow i will pick up a new guitar!:) (lets just hope i don't get a phonecall from that guy...)

You'll see it im my thread tomorrow...;)

But anyway, congratz i really like that 548!
Nice guitars. ;) Never seen a decent pic of a Talman before, and the RG looks great. :D
I saw a 548 on e-bay a while back. It was in blue, but the seller did a swirl type of effect that I found a bit ugly (to my eyes, anyway). Too bad he didn't want to ship to Malaysia. :sad:

Anyway your 548 is sexy, and that Talman isn't too bad eiter. ;)
That548 is amazing :D

Get a Bill Lawrence in that bridge slot ASAP !!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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