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New here.. Questions and comments.. :-)

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Hi Everyone.

I'm new here. I've been here a couple times looking around.
I"ve been playing guitar for over 35 year. Mostly as a hobby, but I did
play in a couple bands in the 80's and again in 2012 I played loads
of Biker parties. It was loads of fun.
I own three guitars as of yesterday. I just bought
an RG520QS made in Japan. I've had an RG before, but I blocked the trem back then.
I also have an S Series that was made in Japan called an SV .. It has a trem, but
not a locking trem and a cool neck. More like a strat guitar, but with hsh pickups.
I also have a killer LP Jr custom made guitar ..

So, I have a question. This RG520QS has an Edge trem. How good are they? I've used
guitars of course with OFR and Schallers, but no Edge trems that I can think of. I did
have an S series that had a Low Pro, but I bought it as a project and that trem was messed
up. How good is the Edge? Can you install a Real Floyd or one of the replacement Gotoh
Trems in it? I like Gotoh because my SV has a killer Gotoh trem in it. I read that it was made
by Gotoh anyway..

Anyway, thanks in advance. Going to see what everyone else is doing on here and talking about.
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In my opinion the original Edge trem is give or take the best money can buy, all the top end trems (like OFR, Gotoh 1996, Schaller FR) ones are give or take there but I have a preference towards the Edge and Lo-Pro Edge. In short it's a very good trem, as good as anything you can buy.

I have an Edge and Lo-Pro, the guitars just dont go out of tune and you don't need to tune them when you pull them out of a case for a gig and of course the operation of the trem is really smooth, the only downside is the bushings on the arm wear out and they aren't cheap (considering what they are), once the bushings are worn you can do a lot of botch jobs to extend their life but eventually you have to replace, if you dont replace the trem will get a little loose and develop some play.

The bushing issue is probably worse for me because I gig my guitars non stop and I'm always pulling the trem arm out and putting it back in between every show.
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Sounds like you have an SV470 -- gold hardware in either natural oil finish or black, yes? The Viper necks on those are among my favorite Iby necks. Great guitars!
I have essentially 3 generations of the Roadstar series, an 85 RS440 which I just acquired as a project guitar, an 86 RG440 which was the first one with the Edge, and an RG530qs which is primarily my shred guitar. The 86 is a true roadworn daily player, (along with an 88 Jackson USA tele). I don't think you can best the build quality for the money, & I personally think the Edge is superior to the OFR.
I have guitars with Edge (RG520QS and old 540S) and Edge Pro ('08 JS1200) and continue to be amazed at the tuning stability. I used to benchmark tuning stability against my old 76 Les Paul, but the Edge trems stay in tune way longer. I tend to go through phases with using different guitars, but I can pull one off the wall that I haven't touched in a month or two, dip the trem once or twice, and it is magically in tune. Every so often you might have to tweak a couple of fine tuners or the spring claw screws.

For initial setup I block the trem level with small wood shims and tune it like a hardtail. Pull the shims, then adjust the trem spring claw screws to put it back to level and it is set! Works for me and I don't know diddly... :plain:

Good luck with your new 520!
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