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In my opinion the original Edge trem is give or take the best money can buy, all the top end trems (like OFR, Gotoh 1996, Schaller FR) ones are give or take there but I have a preference towards the Edge and Lo-Pro Edge. In short it's a very good trem, as good as anything you can buy.

I have an Edge and Lo-Pro, the guitars just dont go out of tune and you don't need to tune them when you pull them out of a case for a gig and of course the operation of the trem is really smooth, the only downside is the bushings on the arm wear out and they aren't cheap (considering what they are), once the bushings are worn you can do a lot of botch jobs to extend their life but eventually you have to replace, if you dont replace the trem will get a little loose and develop some play.

The bushing issue is probably worse for me because I gig my guitars non stop and I'm always pulling the trem arm out and putting it back in between every show.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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