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Hi Everyone.

I'm new here. I've been here a couple times looking around.
I"ve been playing guitar for over 35 year. Mostly as a hobby, but I did
play in a couple bands in the 80's and again in 2012 I played loads
of Biker parties. It was loads of fun.
I own three guitars as of yesterday. I just bought
an RG520QS made in Japan. I've had an RG before, but I blocked the trem back then.
I also have an S Series that was made in Japan called an SV .. It has a trem, but
not a locking trem and a cool neck. More like a strat guitar, but with hsh pickups.
I also have a killer LP Jr custom made guitar ..

So, I have a question. This RG520QS has an Edge trem. How good are they? I've used
guitars of course with OFR and Schallers, but no Edge trems that I can think of. I did
have an S series that had a Low Pro, but I bought it as a project and that trem was messed
up. How good is the Edge? Can you install a Real Floyd or one of the replacement Gotoh
Trems in it? I like Gotoh because my SV has a killer Gotoh trem in it. I read that it was made
by Gotoh anyway..

Anyway, thanks in advance. Going to see what everyone else is doing on here and talking about.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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