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Is the RGD7321 a mahogany or basswood body? I think Ibanez could do with an entry-level fixed bridge RG7 with a mahogany body that's NOT the Apex2. This RGD looks cool. Or maybe a 7 string version of the RG321MH's?
I always thought the worst thing about the K7 was that it was blatantly associated with the artists by that inlay (Look at the JS1000BP, it could be just another superstrat) . If it had had a more generic inlay, I think it would have been "the" 7 string to have in its hayday.

Looking forward to trying the new one.
Yes, yes! Many endorsed artists seem to shoot themselves in the foot like this. The firespeak blue K7 would be perfect sans the "K7" inlay. The MTM1 model in red would be perfect if it didn't have the damned "SEVEN" inlay on the neck. Some artists should consider that while we may not be fans of their music, we might really like how they design their sig. I guess some artists think the only people who will buy them are people trying to imitate them. I think the new APEX will do pretty well.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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