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No-one as excited about the new APEX 100 TFB as me?
i am very happy about it...
Me too. As I said in another thread somewhere, I saw Korn live a few weeks ago and Munky used a pair of these all night and I fell in love with them. I'd love to get one, wallet willing.
It's funny that it took so long to come around. The original one like that is actually one of the first customs made for him when Korn got their deal with Ibanez. The guitar has been around since around the end of the Peachy era.

I have the current one and love it, so this one will no doubt be cool too. (for me anyway) Different body wood and single coil in the neck will make for some nice alternate tones. I don't even play Korn stuff on mine. It's just a great guitar in general.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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