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Hey all,

I'm new here and am having such a hard time finding new music that speaks to me, I figured I'd call on likeminded people to help me (and possibly others) out.

I've exhausted most resources like All Music Guide, Wikipedia, Amazon and Guitar oriented sites.

I'm looking for melodic instrumental guitar music like:
- Satriani
- Vai
- Andy Timmons
- Blues Saraceno
- DC Slater
- Matt Cafissi
- Forrest Kyle
- Chris Francis
- Randy McStine
- Erik Mongrain
- Buckethead (Electric Tears, Colma)

Most of what I see on forums and Guitar9 are mostly shred/prog/neo-classical that do nothing for me (though I appreciate the technique and effort put into it)

Also, if you have any good sleaze rock suggestions like:
- Guns N' Roses
- Buckcherry
- Extreme (not really sleaze rock though)

Or metal like:
- Pantera
- Down (NOLA)
- Megadeth
- Brand New Sin
- Killswitch Engage
- Machine Head
- Seemless

Anything with groove and a feel, I'm at a such a loss for new stuff right now.

Bear in mind that I browse this forum and am up to date on the latest artists/releases.

I know it's pretty broad but any help would be appreciated.



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^^ Yep, Shawn lane - Powers of Ten, Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes. Also look into Greg Howe's stuff. He did a couple of good albums with Richie Kotzen (Project and Tilt) and has some great solo albums too.
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