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My son is going to live over seas. We have been passing this guitar back and forth between us for the last 5 years. It’s my namesake 1979 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster. Since my son is not going to take it with him, I suggested that he sell it to me. My son (God bless him) was just going to give it to me, and I said no I need to pay him, and he understood and gratefully accepted my offer.

This will be my last NGD for the year I imagine. I have bought at least six new guitars in as many months this year. Gotta put on the brakes. My son and I have been selling this guitar to each other, back and forth, since 2016. Each time the price remained the same. About what a Jem Premium costs.

I’ve had it the longest stretch of time out of both of us. 2 years, and then I sold it back to him the last time, last October. Because I had actually played on it, I put on some fret wear. I did wind up doing a level and crown on the original frets, lowere the nut slots a bit, tilted the neck for lower action above the 14th fret, and finished the set up. One of the original saddles was stripped and it could raise or lower, so I found a replacement original cast saddle, and swapped the stripped saddle out.

When it was first purchased, there was quite a bit of damage to the finish. It had blistered from contact with surgical tubing on a really old guitar stand. So did some light restoration, and it went from fair condition to excellent.

It is really unique. It has a quilted ash slab body. It has the best feeling neck of any strat I’ve ever played, and it weighs 10 and a half pounds. Will be due for a refret in a couple of years. I will do that myself. As of now it is all original, except for the low E saddle, which is an original saddle off a 74 strat. They are the same. The saddles are cast.

This guitar was originally bought from a trusted local dealer, and when the dealer looked at the guitar after I did all the work to it, he offered to buy it back for more than I paid.
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