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New Pickups on RG2550

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I have just spent a little time fitting a tone zone, blue velvet and a breed to my rg to replace the stock ibz pups.

TZ Bridge
Blue Velvet Mid
Breed Neck

All i can say is this babys jsut sprung to life , its full in the bass , not to bassy and has a good balance beetween pups, the blue velvet is sweet and the neck breed rips through solos, i dont find it muddy and i would advise this combination , thats just my opinion . The stock pups are not bad but the differance is out of this world , the guitar is fuller and sounds big, my wife even noticed a huge differance (always good)

Just wanted to let you all know that its well worth the change (and the $$)

im off to re tune and spend some time shredding the night away , thats to all that offered advice, oh the only reason i didnt get the air norton is that it was going to be 3 months getting it in and i am impatient lol, hey im glad i got the breed though. :)
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I'm in the process of hooking mine up with some new hardware too. I'm stoked.
you wont regret it, it really has made a heap of differance to what comes out of my amp now, love my jem but this is a totally differant animal now :)
I have an ibanez rg2550ex Vibrant Blue! great guitar... and i my sustainiac stealth plus have just arrived, i'm installing it this week, and will order an Evo 2 to swap my Dimarzio/IBZ Bridge pickup...
lol just replied to another post of yours, hope you like the evo2 , i really like the tone zone in mine and the blue velvet,,, have you switched the mid pickup?

Have fun hey whatever you put in you will notice the differance, i showed mine to a friend who has the new prestige s series , the one with the d tuner , he isnt pleased with the stock pups in that either and he played mine and was way impressed, hey i guess each to there own and whatever pups you put in if you like them thats cool ..

Good luck :)
I have never read anything about the mid pickup, i never use it alone, just for coil tap.
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