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New Piece from Real Illusions Tour

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Hey Dave!

Any plans to record your new solo piece (from the Real Illusions tour) and put it on your website? Perhaps along with tab... :) That would be sweet, and I'm sure a lot of jemsiters would start trying to learn it immediately. I know I did with "Dave's Party Piece".

By the way, it was a pleasure meeting you after the show at the House of Blues in Chicago (I was pretty much the only guy who didn't try to hand you a demo, which I made a point of mentioning... :)). It's refreshing to meet such down-to-earth, talented people in the music biz. And thanks again for signing your CD for me.

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Ohhhhhh yesss!! a new cd is sweet music for my eyes and ears.

I´d love if this new one is longer than STSA. That one is like ice cream on a 45 celcius day.... it´s gone fast.
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