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new song! drop F tuning (w/ octave below bass), baritone guitar.

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for those of you who might remember me from earlier, hi! :p

i haven´t been on here for ages, so hello!

anyways, i just really wanted to show the little snippet above. it´s a sketch/work-in-progress, and it´s not the final mix. it´s a decent start though :)

i´ll finish it when i get my 7 string :)

the bass is a 7 string bass, btw... that´s kinda cool i guess :p
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wow, i heard the song its awesome ive only just found drop f tuning and would like to learn some songs if any are available??
The 7 seven string made it sound like korn, lol.

I think you could make it a little more interesting if you vary the rythm guitar, instead of it just going 'DUUUH DUUH..... DUUUH DUUH DUUUH DUUUH' nearly the whole time. It doesn't sound bad at all. Just a little out of place with the clean guitars melody.

Wow. I am being an annoying critic here. Sorry about that :lol:
I just found this, and I have to say, that sounds awesome! Did you eve make it into a complete song? If so, please post it!! I LOVE the 2 completely different feels to the clean 'happy' track vs. the heavy 'dark' track. Very Devon Townshend-ish!!!
What are you playing this on? 7 string? Or did you crazily get a baritone 6 down to F? Either way, sounds good man.
I think that sounds cool one thing I would do is make the clean part distorted for a little then go into the rest of the song.
I really dig it dude. Nice and Djenty. :D
It would have sounded more correct if the leads were distorted too though.
Sounds sick dude.

Chugs remind me of After The Burial xD
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