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On Monday, the 27th I finally received the speaker I've been waiting for, from the right distributor this time. A little back story, without my knowledge, one of my best friends bought a 15" Peavey Bass cab off of his Uncle (my other best friend's Dad, yes, small world) for $50 for me because, him and I were/are both helping form a cover band and I needed a bass rig, my old bass rig(Hartke 350 head, 4x10cab, and 1x15 cab aluminum cones) was stolen a few years back. I am primarily a guitarist/vocalist but, play many other instruments and have the necessary gear so that I am not limited to gigging just as a guitarist. Needless to say I was heartbroken when this happened and eventually sold the rest of my bass gear to upgrade and maintain my guitar rig/gear for I was gigging out weekly. Back to the story, he showed up with it to my apartment and said "You owe me fifty bucks". At the time I didn't know that the speaker didn't work for whatever reason and how could I argue with $50 for a bass cab that I had used in the past(4 and a half years ago) and was in perfect working order last time I used it. Another friend loaned me his old bass head "Peavey Mark VIII series", which IMHO is a work horse with endless possibilities...
Finding out that the speaker was blown, I needed a 4 ohm speaker. It was a 4 ohm cab so I wanted to stay within the specs stamped on the cab(for resale or what not). The head required either a 2 or 4 ohm impedance so, three weeks ago I ordered from Guitar Center an Eminence Legend 15" bass speaker, but they ordered me the wrong speaker(wrong ohms), so I contacted them with their mistake and oddly enough they had no record of my order, name, or CC number. They assured me that if any problems arose, they would take care of it return/refund wise. It turns out that it was never ordered and my card was never charged, but I had to wait a week and a half to make sure of that. I decided after that, that I would never deal with GC order-wise and if anything buy in-house only. But I've never had a problem with GC before, so this is honestly something foreign to me, as far as having any problems with them, but I am one who learns from my mistakes. I searched the web for the best price(GC price total $130usd) and found a company out of Dayton,OH named "Parts-Express" with a price of $84.97usd, shipping not included(unless it's $99usd, then shipping is free). Guitar Center ordered me the "Eminence Legend CB158", when what I really needed was the "Eminence Legend CA154". So I ordered from Parts-Express online and it received it in 4 working days no problem. Sorry for the low quality, took these with my camera phone. So here it is, shipped double boxed and please with the packaging:

Eminence Legend:

Made in the USA...Although too blurry to read, it's there:

Old speaker with the grill off, you can even see the rust on the right side:

My hand and showing you the wires were directly soldered to the old speaker, not my style. You can see I already had clipped the "Yellow" wire:

Since there was no indication of what was positive and negative on the old speaker, I had to do some research on older peavey products and found that the Yellow wire is "positive" and the Blue wire is "negative". I stripped the wires to fasten the female spade clips that I purchased at Home Depot bought some 16awg(as printed on the wiring) clips so, I clipped them in:

Speaker's in and grill's up:

I brought it to practice that night and it thumped as hard as I imagined it would, what a great speaker and www.parts-express.com made it all possible!
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