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New Toy!!

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My acoustic fetish has now taken hold and after several weeks of playing everything in town...again....I found my new little friend, a brand spanking new Collings OM2H. This is just a whole new level in quality and tone.

I wanted a very high end fingerstyle machine, but with some flexibility. The tone is just sweet and pure, it's honest. It is a little stiff sounding now as it is brand new, but with a few months of solid playing time she'll open up a good bit and will only get better with time. The balance of the tone is truly remarkable, there really is a huge difference. A/B'd with my Taylor is like night and day. Two completely different sounds. The Taylor (cedar/rosewood 714) is very modern sounding, shallow in the mids, heavy bass and heavy trebles but very round and warm with tons of overtones jumping all over the place. The Collings is just a simpler sound, vintage and focused more on the fundamental. The overtones are there, but they play around in the background. Again it's the balance that just strikes you. I don't know how to explain it.

Fit and finish is perfection, amazing attention to detail, everything is absolutely immaculate, inside and out. Me happy.

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Actually, the "pole" attaches from the block at the end pin to a block that is attached to the bridge. This allows the top to not be as heavy - it needn't support all the string tension - and vibrate more freely. It should also avoid the top "belly & hump" problems down the road.

Although I only have an imported Breedlove, it's constructed this way and it sounds great.

More info on that bridge truss here:

BTW, congrats on the Collings!
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