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Newest 7's, pic inside

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Hey guys, heres my newest 2 purchases. All the way on the left, the LGM Dino 7 LACS. Second from the right, RG7621WH... i installed the emg's and pickguard the day after it arrived!

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Very Nice collection. Beautiful guitars. I like that RG7621 WH. Nice mod! ;)
All of them are nice. But the one of the far-right is just gorgeous. What model is it?
Any closer up shots of the LGM? - that thing is beautiful.

i'll take close ups of all of them by the weekend...
Sweet collection and score CONGRATZ :mrgreen:.


Very nice collection of 7's, and the 7621 looks real good.
damn, you should present a home improvement program cos thats one nice way to make ur house special!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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