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I have a 2016 RG655 GK Prestige with the 5 piece Super Wizard neck. My reference comparison is an original 1987 RG550 that I own. I’d have to say I prefer the 655 prestige and feel like that neck is thinner, flatter and more playable.

I can’t compare the new Genesis line as I haven’t played them. However the 655 prestige models come with pretty good DiMarzio pickups and a hard shell case. They seem like a better value than the new RG’s although granted a couple hundred dollars more.

Part of the key here is the setup. Purchased the RG655 from Rich at Ibanez Rules. Guitar played like butter the minute it hit my doorstep.

ETA: the AANJ on the 655 Prestige is fantastic. The ONLY thing wrong with the 655’s is Ibanez purposely makes them in terrible bland colors so they can charge premium dollars on different artist series, etc.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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