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First, I am new here so a little introduction of myself is probably in order. I have visited Jemsite for years and have gained a lot of good knowledge in doing so, now maybe I can share some of my knowledge of what I've learned from others on this site and elsewhere with others. I have played guitar for about 25 years (man, I am getting old! Still feel young though) and have owned at least one guitar made by most (not all, of course) of the major guitar manufacturers. But, I always end up going back to my trusty late nineties RGs, as much as I try to love each guitar I've acquired.

Let me preface my question with the following, so I don't get flamed: I promise I did a search for this info, but I didn't find what I was looking for. It's probably here somewhere, as it seems like a question that had to be asked at least a couple times. I missed it someone did post this question already.

So, I own a 1999 RG570 and a 1999 RG520 that I purchased new in '99, they are the mainstays of my "arsenal" (I wish I had an arsenal of guitars), I will never sell either. I am just in love with the bubinga stripe Wizards, as so many other people are (probably just as many people hate them - but I love that super thin width and extra flat and wide fretboard!). I have owned guitars with the Wizard II and the more recent Wizard III, and neither came close to having the feel of the skunk stripe Wizard. Actually, I couldn't stand the II or III. I have owned a few other pre-2000 RG5xx, including a 550 (which I regretfully sold) and I loved the neck on all of them. My point is, I love the way the older MIJ Wizards play and feel.

Now, I am about to drop a pretty penny on either a 550 genesis or possibly a Prestige, which come with a Super Wizard and (some) a Super HP Wizard, respectively. My question for those who have experience with the Older Wizard necks and the newer Super Wizards/Super HP Wizards is how do they match up? What are the major differences you notice between them, mostly the feel of them? What are your opinions of each (I know this is majorly subjective, but it gives insight).

Also, just to clarify - I'm not asking about the difference between the maple fretboard on the 550 and the rosewood FB on the 570 or the different dimensions of each Wizard as I've seen the specs of all three. In my experience, although the dimensions of various Wizard necks may be somewhat similar, they can sometimes feel tremendously different.

So TL;DR - How does the new Super Wizard (and to a lesser extent Super HP Wizard) compare to the '99 era Wizard in your opinion?

Thanks in advance
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