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So, In an attempt to have 2 rigs, one for gigs and one for practice, I bought a 40W Marshall Haze. Great amp and has delay/reverb/vibe built in, but I've now decided that I could use this amp for smaller gigs (saving lugging my Laney head and cabs) and therefore I need some effects.
As the Haze handles the stuff I'd normally put in the effects loop, I thought I'd get some pedals to go in front of the amp... (I have a GT-10 for the big rig which I use in "pedal" mode anyway).
Then I saw the Line 6 M13:

It's kind of like 4 pedals and each pedal can have 3 presets, but each of the presets can be a completely different effect!
So far I'm liking the overall experience but tonight is it's first use at a practice.
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