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Well, I decided that my Epiphone SG Special was redundant. I’ve got an Epi SG modern that has coil splitting, and sounds like P90’s when split. It has Grover locking tuners, is 24 fret, and the neck just feels better on it. It’s asymmetrical.

So I went to Guitar Center, to sell the SG Special. I just didnt bond with it. When I was there they had a Jackson Dinky that caught my eye. It was inexpensive as well. So they gave me more in trade for the SG Special, and took 10 percent off of the Jackson. So an extra hundred bucks, and it followed me home.

I did have to doctor the pokey fret ends. The frets were level when check with proper neck relief. And they were smooth, so no polishing, or leveling. Don’t know what the fretboard is made from. But it’s really dark. A couple of applications of oil and it was looking like ebony. The Floyd was better than the Floyd Rose Special on my HM Strat. Everything works as it should.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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