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So, I finally bought an Ibanez today. First one! Got the bug a couple of years ago, and I watch everything local like a hawk. Have missed a couple of nice axes, but that's perhaps for the best.

This week I noticed a used Genesis RG570 had turned up at one of the Guitar Centers in Denver. Was up earlier this week and looked at it. Other than some clumsy fingerprint marks, it looked brand new. Not a mark on it. Whoever owned it previously didn't, for some reason, play it much, if at all.

Today I went back, had them clean it up and get it out of Drop D tuning. It sounded fantastic through the couple of amps I played through. I'd come prepared, and traded six pedals for it. The kicker was that they were only asking $599. That price was just too low to ignore. It's mine now. Came with a little J. Craft bag with tools, as well as the manual. (LOL.) Seriously, it may as well have been new.

Didn't have much time to play tonight, but I like what I've heard so far. My only other guitar is a 1987 Kramer F-3000 (basically a Pacer Deluxe), which I've modded and upgraded pretty heavily. The RG570 seems brighter and snappier so far. Looking forward to comparing them more.

I'll post pics tomorrow, but I wanted to let you all know I'm "legit" now.

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