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Hi dear Ibanez Community,

i present you my very first Ibanez.

2016 AT100CL

I have been looking for the perfect Strat for so long now.

If you told me years / months ago that i would like an Ibanez this much, i would've called you a mad man.

Played one in a store months ago, couldn't keep it out of my head since then.

I found this near mint AT100CL some days ago and pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately the previous owner swapped the pickups for italian Mama Pickups. While this sound very good (really!) i think i'm gonna install cruisers or my beloved Zexcoils.

This thing is a blast.

I am very proud of it. I like to think of it like a Katana.

I don't know why i haven't had this thing much sooner on my radar.

It can easily hold its own against the big guns from america. IMHO

I don't think this guitar will leave me anytime soon.

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