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Hey guys

So the past years I've been playing mostly 7string and downtuned guitars through an AXE FX II hooked on to monitors.
Dare I say the word Djent.
I spent more time behind my computer than actually playing, and I didn't really enjoy playing that much anymore.
I also found myself playing standard tuning stuff transposed on a Drop C or Drop G# which is ridiculous.

Before that I played a JS90HAM in beat up player condition which I unfortunately sold (I am 6ft5 and it really is just too small for me).

So I sold my AXE FX and monitors and bought a JSX head and threw it on my old cab through my old pedals.
Damn, that is a cool amp.

Now I had some money left from the AXE FX II sale and need a standard tuning 6 string.
I wanted to stay on a budget, maybe a used RG550 or so.
But then I saw a JEM7vwh from 2007 online for 1200 Euros. Poorly advertised as "Ibanez Steve Vai JEM7vwh", so people searching for the term "Ibanez JEM" couldn't find it, as I was doing at first as well.

This ad had been up for over 5 months. I offered 1000 Euros and he agreed.
The address he gives me is about an hour away from my house and when I get there, he sends me another address saying he got the wrong number the first time.
Obviously this was weird, who gets their own housenumber wrong?

Saturday,I pull up to the address and its a ****ty brown bar.
I stand outside and a guy walks up with a prestige case (I was already happy the case was legit, because I've seen some fake ones).
He says, you coming in for a drink mate?
He greets the owner of the bar, with which he was obviously familiar, and says 'we're gonna go the back a sec, ok?'.
So into the backroom we go.

This guitar STANK of cigarettes and what I can only describe as a combination between ass and 'old people house'.
Like almost vomit inducing when you bring it up to your nose.
I am a smoker too, but my guitars dont smell like that, jesus christ.
At first I wasn't sure if it was the ****ty backroom or the guitar.
I read about these JEM7vwh's not turning yellow, and it must be true, for this guitar must have faced some terrible smoke/fumes/odors.

His amp was in storage because he had a "his house was being renovated". That's also why we met at the bar.
Alarming, again.
He was also moving to China next week he said.

I already haggled him down to 1000 euros (1150 usd) which is a steal, at least where I live.
If anything I could probably sell it for more after I get rid of the smell.
It was definitely no fake, but I had a very funny feeling not being able to even plug it in.

I was 50% sure I was being scammed somehow but I did it anyway, I did ask his contact details but he could easily write something bogus.

So I go on home.

I threw away the strap and anything else stinky that I didnt need anymore.
I put the case outside, open, to air it out.
It's been there since saturday.
It still smells horrendous.

The smell on the guitar cleaned off pretty quickly -THANK GOD- and I put new strings on.
The guys said there were 10s on it so I put 10s on, as he said the bridge was set up 'recently' by a pro.

And what do you know...
It plays, sounds, and looks AWESOME. There is one little ding and a tiny bit of rust on the saddles from his sweaty hands.
I do believe he didnt play it much.

I am freaking psyched to finally own a JEM (I've been drooling over them since I was 15 years old, and playing them at musicstores any chance I get).
In the end it seems that all is well, and I got it for a steal, I think.

-Cautiously optimistic that nothing bad turns up later, woohoo.


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