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Good day everyone,

I finally, after a few years of kicking it around, got my custom 540Pii project finished. It consists of the following:

1) Ibanez RGR 480 neck from a donor guitar I purchased off the bay.
2) Edge from the donor guitar..
2) New tuners from Ibanez Rules - Rich is the best!
3) Perle 540PII body off of the 'bay.
4) Red Ibanez logo from off the 'bay.
5) DiMarzio pickups - I honestly do not even remember what they are, but they sound good so I kept them from the donor guitar.
6) Black Pearl paint job from Portland Fretworks.
7) Assembly by Portland Fretworks - great shop btw!
8) Ibanez M500C case from Sweetwater.

The guitar plays and sounds great. The neck is a bit different from an original 540PII - but pretty close. All said and done it cost me a lot more than my original 540PII - but it was a fun build, and it is nice to have something a bit different. I was going to put on a period correct beehive I have left over from my 540S chrome conversion, but I may just leave the red volume knob on there.


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