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Ok, ok, ok.... I know you all are getting tired of my NGD's! I have a problem, and the first stage is acceptance right? Got this off the bay, 89 550 in Five Alarm Red. Red doesn't really describe the color as it is more a day glow orange like on some of my fishing lures. It is such a rad, eye burning color that I love it! Has some sort of Duncan Trembucker in it as well as an unidentified after market single. The V1 is still in place and sounds pretty good. Has a few dings, but is overall in very good shape. Hardware is near mint.

On to the pron:

Now my rack is finally full, but that won't stop more coming in I'm afraid (because I have a problem).

Question for you guys who know, serial is F9****** so... Obviously an '89. None of the catalogs I have seen had a 5AR finish with a rosewood board, you fella's think this is a different neck than what she came with from the factory? Either way, plays great and love the color.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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