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Got this from a the Ibanez FB group, lacked pickups and the electronics were trashed. Someone tried to do a pickup swap and clearly was out of their depth.
I had a TZ in a box already, needing a home, @lerxst6 had a JS stacked single coil he was willing to part with and I bought a new Air Norton from the bay of E for 65 bucks.
Grabbed a basic Fender 5 way switch, CTS 500K Ohm Volume pot and a Shadow Killswitch for the tone/ Kill switch combo.
I also had to order some 0.022uF capacitors and a new barrel jack, and luckily, I had some hookup wire and shielded 2 conductor cable for making the connections.
The case it came with was the most abused, dilapidated, pos I have ever seen, that went in the trash and I bought a Gator Pro Go case, which is pretty nice and very functional as far as cases go.

Standard 5 way wiring, the Shadow switch is a momentary push kill switch I found on Amazon.
EB Hybrid Slinkys installed .09-.46

Here she is before:

in progress...

I was awaiting the capacitors before installing the tone circuit. easier to do outside the cavity.

and completed.

anyway, still cost me less than an RG2770 should and I'm happy with her, now, she plays amazingly and has LOTS of fret life left in her, and super comfy to play!
I missed my RGs and I shall not be without one ever again!

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Nice. That was a deal. I have a RG2770fza and a RG2550mz. Both Japan only models and they are exceptional guitars. Recommend upgrade to brass block and heavy Egen18 springs to get the Original Edge feel and better sustain.
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