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Got this today from Guit*r Center. Very good condition with some buckle rash on the back. Upgraded pups, but I haven't looked to see what they are. Looks better than the pictures. I don't know if I will keep it. I'm just not bonding with it. Plus, I am pretty sure I over paid. I hate when that happens!

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Very nice guitar T!!! I dig it a lot!!!

FWIW.... I think you have the original pups, but some bonehead installed them in the wrong positions. The Tone Zone (F-spaced) should be in the bridge and the Paf Pro (Reg spaced) needs to go back in the neck....... I bet you'll "bond" much better when she's right!!!

If you decide to sell anyway, PM me with a price ok.........
Wait...disregard above!!! That's an '05 isn't it......... your right, pups have been changed. They should be DiMarzio/IBZ.

I still say switch them around........ Sure as hell looks like a TZ in the neck and whatever that is in the bridge is reg. spaced, so I'm betting a dollar to a donut it's a PAF Pro......
Beautiful guitar, but I TOTALLY FEEL YOU on not "bonding" with a guitar. There is no way to tell until you pick it up and play it. I've just gotten guitars so many times I should fall in love with and I'm like whatever... and then sometimes I just fall in love at first sight. It's weird.
Agreed!!! I've been fight to bond with my RGT for a long time....... It's just not happening. It DOES however look good on a wall!!! LMAO!!!
LMAO!!! As long as my wife doesn't actually look INTO the cases under the bed, I'll be safe. She thinks they're all just the empty cases for my guitars........ what she doesn't know .......... will probably get me divorced in the future........LOL
can you take pics of the backs and post them??
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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