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Hi everyone,
Got this last week and thought I'd share some photos & thoughts...

This is the second Prestige ever I've ever owned, my other is a black RG1570Z with upgraded pickups (Crunch Lab/True Velvet/Liquifire). I love that thing but I'm pretty sure it will not see the light of day in the near future as the RG3250 is just well... so much better.

The neck on this thing is just amazing, really thin and very smooth.

Fret work is very good however the edges are a bit sharp - I was expecting this from reading other posts about maple neck Prestige models.

The color is amazing and is very bright, the photos do not do it any justice.

As far as the finish goes it's good but not perfect, it does have some minor imperfections which you can see in one of my previous posts, however as long as the neck is perfect I can overlook those. Weird thing is that my RG1570Z (which was almost half the price) has none of those flaws and it's finish is flawless.

Tone is outstanding! The Tone Zone sounds really full and preforms great with high gain. The Air Norton is definitely one of the best pickups I've ever heard, it's really warm and clear especially in the high range.

So here a some photos, enjoy :wink:

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