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Happy NGD ! Beautiful guitars !

I bought the RG3770FZ-TB (late 2017 production) that this shop in Spain had in stock (very nice seller) last week, I will maybe buy another guitar from them soon before they sell out !

As you know, this store in Pontevedra recently cleared a huge stock of discontinued older MIJ guitars at quite decent prices.

The post-covid era is a great time to buy some guitars at great prices : Since the COVID crisis some European sellers cleared the very old unsold models from their inventory ! I bought a brand new RG550EX from a famous physical store in Bergamo (Italy) at a ridiculously low price a few weeks ago when shops started to open again. The guitar spent 18 years in its box, the strings installed at the Fujigen factory were 100% rusted, so was the tremolo arm (Ibanez cardboard boxes are definitely not a good solution for long term guitar storage...)

On the other hand, the newer models (I am specifically thinking about the 5000 series) also start to be heavily discounted in Europe.

The 5120m and 5320 are regularly sold with a 400€ rebate in big European stores : 1600€ instead of 2000€. So I also bought a 5120m last week. It took almost a week for Hoshino Europe to send it from their warehouse in Holland to the warehouse of the store from which I bought the 5120m in France (Sonovente), but it should be delivered to me tomorrow.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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