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I'm back again! My last guitar purchase back in March was kind of an impulse buy - a RGA321f that popped up in a guitar store! I had been searching for a guitar that I missed out on went it was released. The RGR465m. It took me years to actually acquire this. Countless times being out-bid or buyer didn't want to sell. But now, I have it!!

Look wise, I consider the RG565 one of the sexiest Ibanez around. An RG loaded with Dimarzios in a H-S configuration, Maple fretboard, Reverse headstock, Candy apple red, early 90s appeal! Whats not to like!

The previous owner had taken real care of this instrument even though he didn't use it that much. These were made in 2010 and this is pretty much in mint condition, not a nick, dent or scratch. Plenty of life in the frets. Only issue I found was that the volume knob was a little loose. So hats off to the previous owner.

The maple fretboard grain is lovely, and I'm actually am preferring the maple fretboard as opposed to rosewood. The 3 piece Wizard 2 neck is beautiful, I am actually preferring it to the RGA321f. This has a little more curve to it, whereas the Wizard prestige is thin flat. It's a noticeable difference, one that I'm enjoying.

The basswood body - Now, I own two other Ibanez, RGA321f as I mentioned earlier and a JS1200. What I am actually surprised about is how much it weighs. As soon as I picked it up, it feels on par with the RGA321f. Obviously its not JS1200 light, but was surprised that it's got some weight to it.

The pickups - The Dimarzio Air Norton S and D-activator - I've only had this for a couple of days, The air norton is something that I feel is warm and smooth - It is perfectly adequate. It does it's job.
The D-activator is something I was a bit wary about, wasn't sure if i would like it. But It can squeal. It is nice and thick sounding and the harmonics are just so articulate. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Edge 3 at the moment is doing a great job at holding the strings. Maybe in future, I'll replace it with an edge pro. For now, it'll have to do.

Overall I am really impressed with the build quality, this is an Indonesian made guitar, and it shows a lot of quality, something that has been missing with a lot of guitars recently. The paint finishing is great, it's a little different than my JS1200CA, but the quality it has, and the metallic sparkle give it an x factor. The Neck is fantastic, this is a quality instrument. It doesn't feel cheap at all. Ok, the hardware isn't top of the range, the tuners and tremolo could be upgraded. To me it looks like the Ibanez builders focused on these where it matter. These were going for around £500 brand new in 2010. Thats value for money to me. Its a great instrument. Looks great, feels great, sounds great. It is very quickly becoming my favourite and a welcome edition to my Ibanez Family.

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