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Told you the 59 Epiphones were nice. Mine was a 2020 model and was a very nice guitar to play. I ended up selling it because I had several other LP's at the time.

I've had quite a few Epiphones and only one Gibson(Les Paul Studio) and as far as fit and finish they are close. The Gibson would win in terms to overall quality but it wasn't a slam dunk. Especially comparing the new 59's that Epiphone are making. The fact they are made with Gibson parts(pups and electronics) and have some extra time put into them really sets them apart.

Only other Epiphone I've had that came close to being as nice would have been my Epi Les Paul Custom(white I sold it, also have a black one and a black beauty still).

I just recently this week added a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde Bullseye(2003 Korean) model. Plays very well after some serious TLC and setup.

I've had many Epi's. Customs, Studios, Standards but never got into the Prophecy guitars.

Well, here’s the story…I got a Gibson LP tribute model back around New Years. It is pretty basic. Clown Burst. I figured that I would replace the pups.

I also have 2x Epi 1959’s. I bought one 2 weeks ago. I liked it so much that I bought another. The Epi’s are killin it. Both have big necks. View attachment 22907
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