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Hey guys,

New and old NGD!!! :devil:

Got one of the first Js1CR30th in EU back in August.

A very special thanks to David from Omega Music, https://www.omega.be/

A very nice guitar, pure Joe sound out of the case, and everyone can play it, without harming the finish :wink2:

The next one is a very special guitar. Extraordinary instrument in every way. Precise building. Beyond words to define it:

Ibanez R7131E22J4 JCustom, many thanks Nick Sugimoto for building these ones.

All together:

Link for the JS1CR30th:

Ibanez JS1CR30th by haipong | Photobucket

Ibanez R7131E22J4 JCustom:

Ibanez R7131E22J4 JCustom by haipong | Photobucket

Cheers everyone,

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Superb ! can't imagine what one could reflect from the other one ;)
Make a pic face to face !

Big big big big congrats (I don't often put 4 "big" ) ! haha

I'm jealous

WOW again ! that's why 2 totally different designs can be exciting
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