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I took up guitar back about 8 months ago using an Ibanez RG120...great starter guitar but definitely reached the end of what it can do. Today is NGD for me! I just received my new Ibanez Iron Label RGIR20E. The new nitro neck is VERY nice, right out of the box the action is soooo low and feels awesome. This is my first guitar with active pick-ups (EMG 60/81).
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sigh...it's not letting me post images yet.
It says I need to have at least 10 posts.
So I'm posting some to get me to pics.
Some specs from the guitar

- Body: Basswood
- Neck: Nitro Wizard
- Frets: 24 Jumbo frets
- Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
- Bridge: Edge-Zero II
- Pickups: EMG 60 (Neck) and EMG 81 (Bridge) Active Humbuckers
- Other Electronics: Killswitch
I like it! say what you will about black guitars being a dime a dozen, but they are still awesome!!
Yeah, thats a beauty! What an upgrade, eh?

I'd have to put some little stickers on the fretboard though... lol
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I was thinking the same thing.. I'm lost past the 3rd fret without'em. would look sweet with some dna style dots or offset ones!!!
I have to admit, I'm torn. I really struggled with it when I decided to get it! On one had I really think the empty fretboard is kind of a cool look. But on the other hand, I really would have liked some markers. I like the offset dots. Of course the markers are on the binding so I have some reference.
And the difference between my starters (Ibanez RG120 and Squire Stratocaster) is night and day! As for the color...my RG120 was Black and now this one. I have to say that the black is sharp! Now that said, I would LOVE to put a custom swirl paintjob on this thing. Like a Blue and Black or a Red and Black swirl. All that aside, I'm happy with what I have!
Nice. While I don't care for binding, I love the dotless board. I always thought it looks tough. I just ordered a custom neck and chose no dots... congrats.
Nice! not a big fan of EMGs (or active pick ups) but that guitar looks beautiful, and i wouldn't dare to put stickers on that fretboard, it looks really classy as it is.
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