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Not been around much, My Apologies

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Well, it's been a kinda hellish last few weeks, Knee is giving me more problems than ever and have been at home for a few hours a day, Not to mention having both bank accounts and card frozen for some unknown reason (strangely there fine again), but i am able to stick around a bit more and hopefully catch up on the classifieds and start helping out a bit more again.

Hope your all good ;)

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All the best Rob. You must be due some good luck soon!
I was wondering about those classifieds earlier today....
heh, Silly begger, saw you not 4 days ago, crazy american ;)

Classifieds i'm trying to sort through a bit at a time, Anyone spots or needs stuff down, just drop me a PM or Mail

Alright bro. Thought you'd been a bit quiet recently.

BTW, my bro's told me he wants a JS neck. If you know of one, send me a text bro. Cheers ;)
No credit, But am trying to source for ya, Js90th is always an option, If you parted it etc. ? Mail me and we'll chat till i get credit

Sorry about the knee Rob, get well soon :).


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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