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I'm sure many of you have heard of this band. I just tried doing a forum search on them and for some odd reason I get nothing. I thought there had been a thread about them last year....

Anyway, I bought this album last year and I've recently started listening to it again. I'm blown away by this music. One of my favorite songs is Hello Helicopter. For about 3 months I was listening to it and hadn't read the lyrics... wondering what the hell he was saying. Good stuff : )

If you haven't heard of these guys (Office of Strategic Influence), I highly recommend buying their music.
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I'm absolutely in love with both groups.

Last I'd heard on OSI, Moore and Mattheos were shooting to go into the studio during April to do some recording. No word on the drummer, and on SM's site, he mentioned that Mattheos had mentioned they were doing a followup album, and while he wasn't specifically invited, the implication seemed Malone was a potential bassist.

Like I said, though, this was before April. Let's check out their sites for an update...

from blabbermouth.com:

Former CYNIC/OSI (OFFICE OF STRATEGIC INFLUENCE) and current GORDIAN KNOT bassist Sean Malone has posted the following message on his official web site:

"Speaking with Jim [Matheos, FATES WARNING guitarist] recently, the new OSI CD is currently being written. As it stands, a different rhythm section will be employed this time around (though I don't know if things are set as of this posting). Jim's working with Kevin [Moore, OSI/ex-DREAM THEATER keyboardist] right now and I think they are shooting for this fall/winter. If that changes, I'll be sure to update, but that is the extent of the OSI news that I have."

OSI's debut album featured Matheos, Moore, Malone and DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy. It was released in 2003 via InsideOut Music.
And, as it was from Sean Malone's page, I checked the original post, and also found this:

Sean Malone said:
GKIII? The writing continues but it's still a long way off. Other projects are taking what precious extra time I have and, with GKIII being the last of the cycle, I don't want to rush into anything; I'm hoping it will be the most memorable of the three.
That's good news, that there's a third Gordian Knot album in the works, even if it looks like he won't be on OSI2

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