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I'm sure many of you have heard of this band. I just tried doing a forum search on them and for some odd reason I get nothing. I thought there had been a thread about them last year....

Anyway, I bought this album last year and I've recently started listening to it again. I'm blown away by this music. One of my favorite songs is Hello Helicopter. For about 3 months I was listening to it and hadn't read the lyrics... wondering what the hell he was saying. Good stuff : )

If you haven't heard of these guys (Office of Strategic Influence), I highly recommend buying their music.
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Jeff said:
Chroma Key is absolutely amazing.

In fact, just about anything with Kevin Moore on it is absolutely amazing! :lol:

I prefer Chroma Key to OSI, but OSI is still a wicked awesome band/project.
I agree with everything written there.
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