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Hi, guys, I am new here. Glad to be in the forum. I need help. I just bought a used 2017 S621Qm. The previous owner said to me that he didn't change a thing when he bought it at the first time.

But the odd thing is that it has 3-way switch, not 5, as it is supposed to.

So, I took off the cavity cover this morning and I am confused about the wiring. I am not an expert in guitar electronics, so please pardon me if it is actually not as weird as I thought.

The Quantum bridge pickup has 3 wires ( black, white and red wire) and the Quantum neck pickup has 5 wires ( small black wire, bigger black wire, white wire, red wire, green wire).

I am confused because why does the red (presumably the hot wire) of the neck pickup goes to the switch but not the red wire of the bridge pickup.

The photos and the wiring diagram drawings are attached.

Please help me to understand the sequence of the pickup switch with this configuration...because I can't find it anywhere (because it is supposed to be 5-way switch).

I am also thinking of changing the switch into the 5-way switch or 3-way with push-pull tone pot (split coil). Which do you think is the best? Thanks


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