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Ok Jemsite folks I need some help here...

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Hello all.

I'm in the process of fixing up my Jem90HAM. She's been stripped of her pickguard and pickups for 2 major reasons. The chrome guard didn't really agree that much with the humidity level in the tropical climate of Singapore. It's tarnished beyond belief. Secondly I didn't like the sound of EVO pickups, way too harsh and lacking in dynamics and midrange for my tastes.

Since then I've removed the pickguard and sold of the pre-existing pickups. I've got a local metal works company to custom a stainless steel pickguard for me. I checked out online retailers but their prices were way too steep!

I'm right now looking for a good pickup combination for the 90th. I'm quite used to the dual PAF Pro setup of my floral. It's really sweet sounding and has a load of midrange in it. But I do want another type of tonality for my other axe, no point having 2 identical sounding guitars other than the differences in wood.

Prices for Dimarzios here have increased sharply. My local retailer lists them at $169 Singapore dollars! With a discount I can get them for about $130! Back in the day they retailed for 90 bucks a pup!

I have another option open to me and that is to get them shipped from America Via my uncle who lives in New Jersey. He lives in a place called Edison or something like that.

I need some help on two issues. Firstly, what pickup combination do you guys recommend? I'm looking for smooth mids and bass in the neck pup, but I don't want a bass/mid ****fest to the point that I can't even hear the dynamics of my pick strokes. For the bridge pickup I want some hot and heavy but not to the point whereby which it totally over shadows the neck pup. I heard that there's a new evolution pickup out, also can I have some opinions on how a Breed setup would go with an alder body?

Secondly can anyone in Jersey tell me local prices for Dimarzio pickups, as well as phone numbers and addresses of the stores which carry them.

Thanks a million guys!

I really appreciate it! :)

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the 90thHAM is a basswood body. I love breeds. My DBK sounds amazing with them and it is pretty similar to the 90th except the price. Breeds have the mids and bass just like you are looking for and are clear. If you get the neck and bridge set instead of two of just the bridge model or neck model then that is probably exactly what you want. At least the breeds are the way I would go. The evo2 does sound interesting as well. I haven't actaully heard it but read that it is similar to the original but a little less shrill.
Why don't you buy them on Musicians Friend (do a Google search for the site) and have them shipped to your uncle's house?

You probably won't find a cheaper price than that, especially at a local mom & pop music store (and Guitar Center probably won't have the models you want... they never do).

New Jersey Guitar & Bass Center - Edison - (732) 225-4444.

Mostly they will not have what you want and will need to order it for you. Anywhere. Usually they will have the Standard SD or PAF mostly not f-spaced. So suggestion to order and get it sipped to your uncles house is a good one. BTW Edison has a trainstation and is only 30 mins from NYC and there are tons of music stores.
Thanks very much guys. I'm going to check out some prices online :)
Wat about Evo 2's.. they are sweeter than evo's ...i agree about Breeds being nice..
Breeds are great - do a search for "rab" and check out his web page - Cool stuff all done on a DBK with Breeds
Thanks a lot, I checked out Rab's page, the mp3s are really helpful. :)

Anyone here have any experience with John Suhr pickups?
I think Dimarzios run around $70usd at a real good price.

If you think Evos are harsh, you seriously need to work on your playing. And did they have too much midrange or not enough? If you want over the top midrange try a Tone Zone?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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