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Ok what do you think......

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I used to own a crate head that I used for practicing and teaching. I sold it cause it kinda sucked and got a line6 spider 2 head. Ive messed with the spider for a few hours and its even worse than the crate!!!

I really need a head that sounds great (lots of smooth gain) some effects would be cool and cheap($300-600ish) and gotta be solid state and a head no combos! I really want a head!

Any suggestions?
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why solid state?

For $400 and a little luck on the bay, you could get a Laney GH100 which is all tube and would sound infinately better than the Line 6 or the Crate, MUCH more dynamics, harmonics, overall a richers sound.

Or, if you MUST have solid state, the best tone Ive heard from a SS amp was from a Peavey XXL.
i liked the sound of the solid state Randalls best as far as solid state goes. I've always thought about getting one as a practice amp, but i've never played an XXL, so those could be nicer. What's the reason for needing solid state anyway? i'd do what i could to get tubes for my main rig.
I stick with SS for practice amps. If I have 10 mins spare, I don't want to spend 2 waiting for the valves to warm up, and given that I practice regularly, I don't want to be replacing valves just so I can run through scales with a nicer tone!

Progdude - it's hard to rcommend anything without knowing the justification for the specs you have given.

The SS amp is for teaching and practicing. I have students that range from total metal heads to classical freaks! So I need every where in between. The last thing I need is tube power or having to worry about replacing tubes.

I want ss only! I dont need super mega great make you jizz your pants awesome tone! I just want somthing that doesnt sound like total ass.
oh, ok.

Check out a Peavey XXL then. . . pure Solid State.
Check out the Trademark TM-300. 300 watts of ss power, with great tone for every musical experience! :D
I dont need 300 watts! Its for teaching!!!! Thats beyond overkill! Im talking maybe 100 watts!
Progdude said:
I dont need 300 watts! Its for teaching!!!! Thats beyond overkill! Im talking maybe 100 watts!
You don't need 100 watts for teaching ;)
I'd say look into Hughes & Kettner. They make some pretty convincing SS amps with good flexibility.
How about a pod or a v-amp-2 (or both) into a solid state power amp?

My guitar teacher from awhile back had a 15 watt no-name little tiny practice amp that we'd plug into. Teaching isn't about how the amp sounds, (something which is trivially easy to learn) it's about what notes to play in what context (not so easy to learn, and something I have yet to learn, as I suspect is true of most guitar players.) A great guitar player will sound great through a crappy amp, and a crappy guitar player will sound crappy through a great amp. For teaching, a decent amp is just not even a requirement, so far as I can tell. Practically any practice amp with a recognizable clean tone and a recognizable dirty tone seems like it ought to be sufficient.

That being said, the modelling amps that impressed me most lately were some VOX ones. Line6 sucks for metal IMHO (for other stuff might be ok, though my tastes are such I don't consider myself to be a good judge of other stuff. Also other (crazy ;-) people seem to like line6 for metal. I like the metal sounds in the Behringer v-amp 2, but not so much in the Behringer v-ampire amps, though I haven't played with 'em much.
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I totally understand what you are saying about the teaching stuff.

I want to use the amp to practice!!!! I need a decent toned SS amp to do the job. Thats all I want.
If you don't need a lot of hi-gain sounds, look into Yamaha DG line of amps. They are discontinued, but can still be found at decent prices, and there is one head in the lineup. You can maybe use a stombox for more gain. The only modelling sounds I liked came from these amps, the Tech21, and the Vox modelling amps.
" I just want somthing that doesnt sound like total ass. "

IMHO from what ive played the line six spider range dont sound like ass.
How about a Vamp straight into the Hi-Fi? Cheapest solution by far, and if your hi-fi's half decent it'll sound more than good enough for teaching.


I like the sound of my Carvin SX amp, but I'm no amp guru. But you might want to give their $300 SX300 a shot, or pick an older model up off the bay - the resale has usually been pretty low on Carvin stuff.
I love Carvin stuff!!! I have a Custom Shop DC200 from them! If you could email me some clips of you playing thru that amp. or where I could find that amps tone that would be awesome!!!!

[email protected]

what about Kustom amps? They have tube amps that are considered to be mid-priced.
The Spider sounded worse than the Crate? OUCH!

I'll agree with the H&K amps. I saw Billy Morris playing on a H&K combo (I think it was an Attaxx), and it sounded great! They made a version, as well.
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