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Please add 3% for paypal, thanks!
ANY QUESTIONS, shoot me a PM, don't reply to this ad.

Wampler Dual Fusion, Mint with box and papers $225 shipped.

Okko Diablo+, Mint with box and papers, $250 shipped

Burriss Boostiest 2.5, Mint with box and papers, $120 shipped

Radial Twin Cities ABY splitter, near mint, no box $90 shipped

Digitech Digital Delay DD3, mint with box $100 shipped

I bought a Kemper and honestly I find myself not using any of these pedals which I picked very carefully! The Burriss is probably the most flexible for vintage crunch with an exceptionally versatile clean boost. The Okko needs no introduction and the Wampler produces the widest range of sounds.

The Radial works really well and is pretty much noiseless. Does exactly what it's supposed to.

All were used in my home only. In fact none ever sat on the floor. Really. All have very, very little use and work as new.

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