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sorry, people im a new member. Not sure how often i'll be on, but I just felt like joining. So here goes!

here's my rig:


i write music/play guitar/scream/do artwork for this band:


I play two guitars.. two fairly cheap-as-can-sound-decent Ibanez RG's.. one is the EX1? i believe. its the hardtail RG with the 'emg designed' humbuckers and i believe it was a 'guitar center special'.. Tuned whole step down, sometimes drop C.. got it used for $200. recorded this entire album with it:


The other is an Ibanez RG470XL, tuned whole step down (A-A) - got it used for $250.

the rig is a peavey VTM-120, Musicman HD 130, and a Peavey standard SS guitar head from the 80's.. the signal goes into the vtm120, and splits with a Y cable, out of the effects send, into the musicman, and the SS peavey, which go to an acoustic 2x15, and a yamaha 4x12 (vin 30's on top, eminence swamp thangs on bottom) the vtm120 also drives a matching peavey 4x12 (vin 30's and gt-85's in an X)

tell me things!

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