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One of the best things of the net, and some nice guitar playing too...

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Don't let the title fool you, this is worth it! ...If this has been posted before, feel free to lynch me...
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Cool site! Never heard or seen about it before. :D
this is really cool! Awesome. Must've taken loads of time.
Is this guy using a UVGR???
Awesome fast playing!

WOW: he does V with hands and win the acordeon demon!!!
Tubarão :)
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That was pretty sweet. His playing reminds me of Vai's.

Everyone here simply HAS TO click on the Jam section, it's beyond belief. I can't believe the playing from the other entity, it was so poor, haha. I was expecting Shredmeister General.

A good utility in itself for listening how the various licks work over the different chord changes in the end of the Jam bit.

Thanks so much Pawel, even though I was just pressing keys, my dreams of being a virtuoso were largely fulfilled. ;)

So, the next question is: who is this Mika Tyyska dude, for he doth seriously shred.
That's what I could find: http://www.mika.guitarshredshow.com/, and his CV is here

Glad you guys liked it, the jam has definately made my day...
Wow I just watched the show off bit, that animation is amazing, so accurate for cartoon stuff, and playing was crazy

The lesson stuff is cool too, liked the tabs and stuff, kicks Joeys ass ny day!
Whoever played that stuff was great. It reminded me of Vai aswell; very good stuff.

Some of the licks to learn are good aswell.
This guy rocks to the core!

I can't believe I actually learnt some really cool licks off an animated creature while pressing some keys! COOLNESS!

Yeah those licks are definately Vai inspired. If you ask me they're probably off his DLR days, heard that trademark pentatonic chromatic increment lick off shy boy on there!

Thanks so much for the link!
The site is very cool, but his playing is average. Good picking, so so tapping and bad sweep picking.

Congratz to the guy for taking so much work in making an original and funny site. As it has been said, there is a lot of work put in the making of this site!

Cool link!
RCB said:
The site is very cool, but his playing is average. Good picking, so so tapping and bad sweep picking.
haha, i'd love to see you play :p

I thought the playing was great. I'm sure not up to that standard. I'm way too lazy.
Yeah I thought that playing was fantastic. I definitely wouldn't call it average that's for sure. If thats average, then I am a terrible player!
Ive been playing for over 15 years. I dont consider my self nothing out of the ordinary, but I can pick better, do that kind of tapping and more complex, and do some pretty extreme sweep picking (combined with tapping).

I think a lot of people that have been playing the guitar for more than 5 or 10 years will find that this is pretty common.

I never consider that other people would find this interesting so I never bothered to upload anything. I mean with monsters such as Shawn Lane, or Rusty Cooley (even though I dont like what he plays.... he is a beast) whats the point? Its not like you are going to blow anyones mind at all....

Im sure there are plenty of guys that can shred much better than me or this guy.... so I never meant to make a living out of music. I ve been a futures trader for the last 3,5 years (im an economist). But that may change in the near future (as soon as next month, when I quit the bank and return to argentina).

So, when I get back to argentina I ll probably make some sort of site, and if anyone find the things I upload usefull, then thats great. Or may be you ll think I suck, who knows....

I didnt mean to sound full of myself when I analysed his playing. Because I still think its great that he took the time to make such an original and funny site.... wich is more than I did yet anyway :)
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RCB, I would love to hear you play. I'm sure many, MANY of us on Jemsite have heard an awful lot of shred from an awful lot of players, and a few things are worth reiterating, if not for you, then for someone else certainly...

Being a virtuoso in itself is impressive but not necessarily anything to get excited about. Some people focus on that technical ability and admittedly, that is exciting for them.

For others, musicality and emotive expression get us excited. The simplest music can be the catalyst for a life change or identity shift, or maybe just something to really, truly enjoy. Now, if one develops technical ability and uses that to express a solid musical statement, some of us like that a lot. We have developed ears that appreciate the beauty of good musicianship and can peek through the seemingly inpenetrable veil of bizarre scales, sixteenth notes played very fast and whammy bar acrobatics.

Each of us has an art within us, be it a mother, a trash collector, a musician. If one follows one's calling with integrity and honesty, that is a phenomenal achievement...seemingly difficult, but ultimately effortless, for there is only one path to take.
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Wow, great site! Lot's of licks to learn and practice. By the way his playing was better than average. Even if it had of been Vai or Malmsteen playing the licks some joker would say they weren't that good.
i enjoyed it. i had a lot of fun with the jam. i really liked the "boogie style" tapping with letter "Z". that one had a very cool feel. you gotta love the suedo-Jem_Strat in desert yellow - nice touch. i was entertained for an hour or two. i wish i could speed pick like that - the rest of it was just really fun craziness. thanks man!
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