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Our newest 7 string (and first trem)

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We did this on a custom order. It's both our first trem and our first serious inlay. The top is is an incredible piece of bubinga with a natural finish.

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that inlay is IMMACULATE, Jim. gorgeous guitar.
as always... mouthwatering!

one day :dream:

how does it sound?????
GORGEOUS!! I love those wood pickup rings. Awesome, awesome guitar! :)
go on then, tell us the woods, pups, switching options so we can drool even more!!
Thanks guys. Ill try to get a recording done by tonight so you'll know exactly how it sounds.
That's oustanding Jim, just as beautiful as can be. The color of the fretboard and the grain look fantastic behind the swan, it just looks perfect together. And what a top!
A magnificent instrument; you're in a class by yourself Jim!
Amazing work as usual man. You are amazing!

I like that inlay. Nice guitar. Very nice. ;)
It's so beautiful, I'd be afraid to play it!
Here you go gentlemen: 60 seconds of the middle position. You can write your own tone reports from this, but I think it sounds pretty good. Lot's of high end sparkle and a bit of middle position cluck.


As I e-mailed the owner, I normally play 11's on mine, so I personally find the 9's that are on it to be really thin. I've also never owned a guitar with a trem, so you'll have to pardon the little weany trem move at the end.
I have to say, that guitar is extremely beautiful. You gots skills!
That is a seriously beautiful guitar!
I loved the very "warm" sound to the pickups too, sounds gorgeous. Very smooth and warm.

What were the pickups on this baby?
wow..........wow.........(searching for other things to say).........wow! that's great work. keep them coming!
Thanks all. Here are the specs:

The pickups are DiMarzios (PAF7 in the neck, Air norton in the bridge).

The trem bridge is a Hipshot. It's essentially a high tech version of the modern Fender trem.

The top is 1/4 inch bookmatched bubinga slab with both a flame and pomelle figure and a clear finish. The back is light weight swamp ash with vintage tint finish. The body is chambered on both sides of a solid center block.

The neck is 3-piece maple with a cocobolo fingerboard, a flamed bubinga peghead veneer and a pair of graphite reinforcement rods. Except for the veneer, that's our standard 7-string neck and the stiffest neck that we know how to make.

The fingerboard radius is a very flat 16 inches with jumbo 6100 frets.

The pickup rings are bloodwood.

The three way switch give neck/both/bridge and the tone control is a push/pull pot that allows the pickups to be split, so there are basically 6 pickup settings.

The weight is about 7 lbs. Maybe a little less.
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ok u owe me a computer keyboard, i just drooled when i read that and it landed on the keyboard and wrecked it
Really, really nice full bodied tone out of that guitar!
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