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Paint color suggestions needed

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So I'm adding a Wilkinson VS-100n to my ESP MH-1000 and while I'm at it I'm going to be respraying it (don't much care for the quality of ESP paint jobs, absolutely no depth!) and I thought why not try another color. I'm not set on it so I may just respray it black, but I'd like to hear what the rest of jemsite thinks would go well with the binding it has around the body, neck and headstock (White pearl). Any opinions are welcome... Also does anyone know exactly what ESP uses to spray thier guitars, Laquer??? Just in case I decide to just add depth to the black I don't want any negative chemical reactions.
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orange metallic. Like the inside of some fender cases. Or the toyota in "fast and the furious"
Nice and bright color, I like that. I was also thinking all white, but I'd like to show of the pearl binding so I threw that out the window. Another idea is painting it in two colors, since the back is separated from the front with the pearl binding, just an idea.

I'm also capable of doing some pretty detailed graphix so any suggestions there would help too (I can draw and paint picture perfect so don't hesitate to throw something at me that will be a challenge!). I could think of something myself, but lately I've had a creative block so I figured take it to the guitarist community, after all most of the people on this forum play the most beauiful guitars made
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