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I know this is a guitar forum but drummers do play guitar too.I am selling a limited edition Pearl Snare drum.Here are the specs:

Size: 13x6
Shell: Birch (8ply, 10mm)
Finish: #110 Sequoia Red
Hoops: 2.3mm SuperHoop II's (Chrome)
Lugs: Tube Lugs (x8) (Chrome)
Strainer: SR1000
Snares: SN1320D

It is brand new never hit.This is number 8 of 20. Only 20 were made, which makes this a limited run. 375.00 shipped to your door and its yours. I can accept paypal or money orders. List price is 699.00. You will not find a cheaper deal on this snare..comes with all pearl paperwork.buy it asap and get it in before xmas.

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