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Peavey Valveking 112 Combo

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Hey, can anybody tell me what they think of this amp, I only have 315 bucks at the moment at its around 600-650 or so, but christmas is around the corner and I am a good saver:) so what are some pro's and con's and it will be very cool if someone has some soundclips, Thanks.

Also if there are any other amps around the 300-650 range (All tube amps, and combo amps, obvousily) that you can tell me about that you think is a better choice that would be great.

I have a Flextone 2 right now..which is sweet but tube amps just have the umphh if you know what I mean haha, well anyways the Tone im seeking for is a vai/satch meets racer X style of tone, I have a Ds-1 already...A nice sustainiing lead with enough dist. and a nice dist. rythm sound, and the clean I like jsut to sound "clean" haha......

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